The Riding Academy - Strict Lessons for Teresa

By Michelle Germain - July 2011

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The Riding Academy is an erotic novel intended for an adult audience looking for a strong spanking and corporal punishment theme. This is a mature subject matter novel for adults only. It contains descriptions of sexual intercourse, as well as detailed descriptions of painful bare bottom whippings and canings.

Newly married, Edward convinces his wife Teresa to spend several weeks at the Ashton Fields Riding Academy. There she is supposed to learn horseback riding skills and proper etiquette to function in high society. But Edward fails to tell her that Ashton Fields also specializes in teaching young women the very meaning of discipline. The Riding Academy is a place that seethes with the sexual desires of the young women living there. Teresa uses every opportunity to explore her own desires. By herself, with another woman, and even with the staff. Those escapades put her in constant danger of being told to pull down her riding pants for yet another lashing.

Reading Sample: The Riding Academy
Excerpt from Chapter 3 - Punished by the Stable Master

Clyde's eyes lit up with excitement. He pulled down Teresa's pants to the middle of her thighs, so that her bottom was completely bared. Then he replaced the riding switch with a leather whip. The single lash quirt whip was made of braided red and black leather, about three feet in total length. The 12 inch braided handle had a wrist loop attached, to provide for a secure grip. Dangling from the bottom of the grip was a lash, about two feet of finely braided cowhide leather, half an inch thick at the handle but tapering down over its length. The last foot of braided leather was slick, an extremely tightly woven lash of whip cord with a double fall attached. The double fall consisted of two flat leather straps, designed to smack with a loud crack. Clyde looked at Teresa's bare ass that was so helplessly displayed for his whipping pleasure. He knew that the leather riding quirt was designed for maximum sting and cracking sound effect. If used correctly, it would not cut her skin, but inflict unbelievable pain.

"Start over," Lester said. "Fifty lashes with the riding quirt. Don't pay any attention to her screams. Her pretty bottom is in dire need to be covered with whip marks and welts. Lash that pretty bottom with all your might, judicially, and don't hold back."

Clyde stared at the exquisite behind bulging over the trestle before he raised the slick whip. And then Teresa experienced the first lash with the riding quirt across her naked bottom: Craaacckk-Smaaaaaaccckk!

Getting it across her bare ass with a braided leather whip was much worse than Teresa could imagine. Craaacckk-Smaaaaaaccckk! Teresa howled and screamed, but every thirty seconds another lash rang out: Craaacckk-Smaaaaaaccckk!

Her entire body buckled against the restraints, and in her agony she arched up her attractively red-striped ass involuntarily: Craaacckk-Smaaaaaaccckk! Whiiipppp-Smaaaaaccckkk! Craaacckk-Smaaaaaaccckk!

Teresa's got her bottom thrashed in a merciless manner. The onlooking girls sucked in their breath with disbelief. They listened to the sound of leather whipping the bare flesh of Teresa's lovely behind: Craaacckk-Smaaaaaaccckk! Whiiippp-Smaaaaaccckkk! Craaacckk-Smaaaaaccckk!

She couldn't twist or turn much with the leather belt pinning her stomach onto the trestle. The stable master lashed her ass with utmost precision, so that the double fall of the leather whip always landed right upon the crown of her right bottom cheek. Craaacckk-Smaaaaaccckk!

After twenty lashes Teresa's right bottom cheek looked seriously striped and crimson. Clyde walked around Teresa and took a firm stand on the other side. He was pleased with Teresa's whimpering and that she was begging for him to stop. The river of tears had smeared her eyeliner, mascara and make-up. She no longer looked haughty and proud. The stable master placed the quirt whip across her bottom to take measure. Teresa screamed unintelligible words, probably something to the effect that she could take no more. The stable master drew back his muscular arm and took full swings to beat her ass: Craaacckk-Smaaaaaaccckk! Whiiippp-Smaaaaaccckkk! Craaacckk-Smaaaaaccckk!

Some of the girls in the stable tried to avert looking at the spectacle. But they couldn't do anything about listening to the cracking whip-smacks ringing out each time the leather quirt printed another stripe upon Teresa's butt cheeks. Craaacckk-Smaaaaaaccckk! Whiiippp-Smaaaaaccckkk! Craaacckk-Smaaaaaccckk!

After forty lashes there was a short pause. Teresa's bottom was fully covered with horizontal stripes in varying shades of red, as well as numerous looping welts and whip marks. Lester assisted Clyde turning the trestle around, so that the audience could see Teresa's tear-stricken face. Even from that angle one could still see the blistered tops of her up-turned bottom. Clyde took a firm stand again, this time right behind Teresa. Between her legs, so to speak.

Craaacckk-Smaaaaaaccckk! The riding quirt landed vertically across her left bottom cheek. Craaacckk-Smaaaaaaccckk! Vertically across her right cheek. Teresa was still trying to turn and twist, shaking her long blonde hair wildly. The wide belt that pinned her tummy onto the trestle was creaking from her efforts, but the big brass buckle was unyielding. Craaacckk-Smaaaaaaccckk! Whiiippp-Smaaaaaccckkk! Craaacckk-Smaaaaaccckk!

The girls could see Teresa's fine white teeth as she screamed with her mouth wide open. Even though all of the girls present were used to woodshed whippings that they had suffered themselves, the flogging they were now witnessing exceeded their darkest fantasies. Craaacckk-Smaaaaaaccckk! Whiiippp-Smaaaaaccckkk! Craaacckk-Smaaaaaccckk!

The tapestry of stripes on Teresa's bottom was beginning to resemble a crosshatch texture of pure agony. Clyde took full swings for the last two lashes: Craaacckk-Smaaaaaaccckk! Whiiippp-Smaaaaaccckkk!

Even though the whipping had stopped, Teresa continued writhing her backside for several minutes. If there ever was a definition for what a well punished young lady should look like, at this moment Teresa resembled that definition. There was hardly a white spot left on her hot glowing bottom cheeks. Those whip marks, ranging in color from crimson to maroon, had been thrashed deliberately left and right onto her proud swelling ass cheeks. The stripes looked swollen and puffed up. One could even see the patterns of the braided leather that the slick whip was made of. Those welts would linger very painfully on her seat for days, if not weeks. No, she was not going to sit down any time soon. This picture of a severely punished young woman would have been a sad sight, were it not for the fact that Teresa had deserved every lash. The whipping had been just and fitting, despite its extreme severity. And it was clear that this would not be the last time Teresa would get her bottom whipped in such a stern fashion. She was the type of young blonde who would find herself strapped over a trestle or a whipping bench many, many times in her future.

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