The Education of Simone
Prologue - Simone's Night of Reckoning

The scene looked nothing short of bizarre. Simone was staring straight ahead. She was too tall and too blonde compared to the Thai girl holding her by a leash. Simone was dressed in a red checkered schoolgirl skirt and a white blouse. The skirt was so short that half of her bottom was visible. The tiny thong of white cotton left her butt completely bare. The front of the thong was wet and sticky, soaked with her juices. The fact that she had spent all evening masturbating was not going to be looked upon with kindness.

There were more cars than usual parked next to the stable. Several Mercedes limousines. A Jaguar. A couple of Lincolns. Only the privileged and insiders had been invited. The walkway from the mansion to the stable was neatly paved with red bricks. Iron lampposts flanked the walkway on either side and flooded it with light, all the way to the stable. The Thai girl gave a short tug on the leash.

"It is time, Simone. Let's go."

Two more girls had joined them and walked behind Simone and her guard. They were not Thai, they looked Japanese. And they looked very serious. Both of them walked on black thigh-high boots with five inch stiletto heels. Their black leather pants and tops were skintight to display their muscular curves. Each Japanese girl was carrying a single-tailed leather whip. Those were not ordinary whips. They looked unusually slick and braided with perfection. They were handmade by a London whipmaker and imported just for this occasion.

The Japanese dominatrixes fixed their eyes on Simone's behind while they walked towards the stable. Occasionally they glanced at each other. Simone was obviously a proud girl. She kept her back straight and rolled her ass cheeks with each step. Simone wasn't walking. She was strutting on her white, high-heeled pumps. The wet thong was probably itching between her legs, but she didn't show any irritation.

Maybe Simone didn't understand what was awaiting her inside the stable. Of course she had been spanked and caned on numerous occasions before. But that was back in the States. Here, at this mountain resort in remote northern Thailand, a young woman like Simone could not expect any leniency. She had been brought here for a reason. Simone was to learn the very meaning of extreme discipline. Here they wanted to hear Simone scream. And above all they wanted to watch. They wanted to watch her proud schoolgirl ass twist and arch with each cracking lash. They wanted to see looping, snake-like and scarlet stripes printed all over her bottom. And across the sensitive backs of her graceful upper thighs. A criss-cross pattern of welts that left her ass so blistered she wouldn't sit on it for a week.

Well, they were not going to be disappointed.

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