Movie Review

"Intimate Moments" is also known as "Madame Claude 2", but don't confuse it with "Madame Claude". This 1981 softcore movie is no longer distributed and seems to be available only on old VHS tapes.

Madame Claude runs a high class escort girl ring that features some exceptional beauties. They cater to government and banking officials to help closing their deals. They specialize in the kinky and unusual.

The first assignment features a stunning blonde telling her psychiatrist a steamy tale while touching herself. In this case the patient gets paid.

In the second tale, a young married woman flies to London to please an English aristocrat. She doesn't realize that the mirror in front of which she masturbates has a camera installed. The next day she can watch herself on the tape while the aristocrat fucks her from behind.

All the scenes are very sexy, but the best is the whipping of Alexandra on a corporate jet. Played by Johanna Perkins, this whipping is one of the most sexy ever. It seems like she really did get whipped for this scene, her facial expressions are excellent. Watch the video below.

Spanking Video: Intimate Moments - Alexandra whipped on a corporate jet (8,736 KB).

Anatomy of a spanking scene - Johanna Perkins in "Intimate Moments"

Alexandra just boarded the airplane and sits down. Looking around she glances at the riding crop that has been carefully placed on the table right in front of her. Rather than being shocked or concerned, the sight brings a smirk to her face. Like she says later on: "I was told of the mission and I took it." She knows that she is going to be whipped. We don't have to feel sorry for her.

After they have taken off Alexandra gets up and strips for the banker Mc'Bride. He sits in his seat and sips his whiskey. While she strips she looks directly at Mc'Bride, directly into his eyes. Alexandra is haughty and proud, slightly arrogant. She is really asking for it when she strikes this pose after stripping. She has her hands on her hips and thrusts out her bust, looking down at Mc'Bride. She earns herself a well deserved slap in the face.

Here she is after she got slapped in the face and the first smack of the riding crop just landed on her ass. She looks at her tormentor, she is still proud and determined not to break down. She sticks out her bottom so that he can whip her properly. They look into each others eyes and Mc'Bride raises the whip again. The next lash rings out on Alexandra's ass.

After three or four lashes her facial expression changes slowly but surely. One can only imagine how hot those stripes on her bottom are burning. She is clearly in pain, but she refuses to beg or to scream. She still looks at the person inflicting the pain upon her. Her eyes show only a hint of glazing over, nobody would fault her for bursting into tears. But she doesn't. Not yet.

The next few lashes  get some moans and some whimpers out of her.  She slowly starts sliding down the wall she is leaning against. You can see her body jerk from the impact each time the riding crop smacks down on her bottom. But Alexandra still gets back into position after each one. It seems important to her to stick out her ass in a provocative way, regardless of the consequences.

In the end this is a game she can't win. She slowly slides down to the floor. Now there are tears in her eyes as she receives the 12th and 13th lash, a baker's dozen. Alexandra collapses on the floor, crying like a little girl. You can briefly see the red stripes that the riding crop has left on her ass. What makes this whole whipping so sexy is that Alexandra seems to be in total control. It's up to her how much she gets whipped.