Book Review

"The Captive's Journey" is the first in a series of "Captive" novels by the prolific writer Richard Manton. The cover on the left is the original from the first printing in 1994. The more modern cover below is from the 2002 edition.

Unlike some spanking novels, plenty of sex acts take place in this story, ranging from conventional sex to sodomy, from fellatio to lesbian pussy grinding and licking. In some scenes this even takes place without the conventional bare bottom whippings that so often precede or substitute for sex. But don't despair. Caroline Martin, the captive, gets her young bottom soundly thrashed on many occasions, for example in a chapel:

"The Countess picked up a whalebone riding crop and, with great skill, brought it squarely across her naked bottom.The pain was horrendous and Caroline shrieked in pain.Giving her no respite, the Countess rained repeated blows down on her out thrust ass - each blow leaving an angry welt across Caroline's creamy white bottom cheeks. Her fetching little bum was soon criss-crossed with a mosaic of painful, agonizing marks... ...Caroline was screaming herself hoarse from the pain of the whipping and the tears were streaming down her cheeks."

The story follows the conventional pattern one might expect: Proud girl is captured, sent to a remote location for training and discipline, girl is returned to its rightful owner. Girl then serves as sex slave in servitude.

When Caroline resists the advances of Sir Basil Rothberg, he hires a professional firm to abduct her. Caroline is taken to an old fortress in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Far away from civilization she is then trained by Jason and the Countess until she submits to all commands.

Caroline is literally shipped back to London where she is to serve the sexual needs of Sir Basil Rothberg and his friends. Basil takes great pleasure in punishing Caroline, for example during a carriage ride:

"To receive the final ten remaining lashes, I ordered the sobbing Caroline to kneel before me and position herself with her lovely naked ass facing me - her head resting on the floorboard of the cab. The slight respite her bottom had received when I had shifted my attention to her titties had, in no way, diminished the sensitivity of her ass, which was still a bright shade of fiery pink, accented by the ten angry red welts that crisscrossed her bottom cheeks..."

"The Captive's Journey" is no longer in print. Try Ebay for a used copy.