Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who has the sexiest ass of them all?
Meet Fatina. Her Arab Master selected her for her bubble butt.

Fatina has to practice all week. Practice to tease and seduce.
Practice showing off her backside. Pulling down her panties.
One hour in the morning. One hour in the evening. Every day.

Slowly, very slowly Fatina pulls her G-string down to her thighs.
She sways her ass in a rhythm. Watching herself in the mirror.
So slow it takes five minutes. Pearls of sweat cover her body.

Fatina glances at the coffee table. At her Master's riding switch.
Finely woven leather. Viciously slim. Custom made for Fatina.
The sight keeps her motivated. She pulls up her panties. Again.

Friday night. Time to perform. Her Master puts on Arab music.
The track is five minutes long. Fatina times her strip perfect.
Perfect five times in a row. But by the sixth time she gets tired.

He orders her to hold the pose just like she does in the picture.
He picks up the riding switch. Fatina needs more discipline.

PS: The Arab Master is more strict with Fatina because she is his favorite. He tells her how much he loves her each time before the slim switch hisses through the air and lashes across her bare bottom. Six lashes to begin with. The finely woven leather creates straight whip prints and stripes on Fatina's ass cheeks. Then the Master puts the music on again. She strips again, she strips herself to exhaustion. But every time she fails to please in the slightest manner she receives another six lashes. In this manner the riding switch is exercised on Fatina's bottom well into the early morning hours. Between the many stripteases she performs the Master lets her rest once in a while for a few minutes. During those breaks he takes her from behind, his favorite position. It is, of course, the sight of her fantastic ass with all those stripes that turns him on again and again so that he fucks her and comes three times before the night is over. And Fatina, you wonder. Does she come too? She does every time her Master takes her. And each time she does she gets a dozen extra lashes across her amazon bottom. Now imagine what her backside looks like.