Mistress Andrea returned from her afternoon ride early and caught her maid fooling around.
"Those boots are mine and for my husband to lick and kiss. Now I'll have to punish you for it!"

The maid got over Andrea's lap, a position she is familiar with. Because all punishments are administered on the bare bottom, the maid got accustomed to wearing thongs on workdays.

"Let's see how wet you are, you slut," Andrea said and pulled up the thong. The pulling made the string panties even more wet and the maid moaned out loud. Andrea raised her riding crop and smacked it down hard. The maid was sucking for air. She wriggled her ass and more smacks rained down. About two dozen lashes.

"Now stand in the corner there. And if I catch you fingering yourself, I'll thrash your little ass!"

The story could have stopped here, picturing the naughty maid standing in the corner, facing the wall. Still in her Mistress' kinky black boots and displaying a criss-cross pattern of red stripes on her butt cheeks. But now imagine the maid glancing over her shoulder and pushing one hand into her panties. Mistress Andrea doesn't seem in sight. The maid's bottom sways slightly from side to side and also back and forth while she pleases herself. But then she passes that point of no return and her body arches with an orgasm. A wet orgasm with her juices gushing, too much for her little thong to absorb. Some of it runs down on her inside thighs.

With her face all flushed she can do nothing but stand there in the corner, displaying the evidence of her disobedience. She wonders what the Mistress meant when she said she'll thrash her bottom. More lashes with the riding drop? A caning? And while she wonders all over sudden Mistress Andrea grabs her by the ear and walks her to the stable. Into the tack room, to be precise. There she ties the maid over a mounted saddle, on her stomach with her bottom arching up. The maid watches in horror how Andrea carefully selects one of the long dressage whips that are hanging on the wall.

The first time the whip lashes across her bare bottom the maid simply sucks for air for seconds. The sound of the cracking lash is then followed by the maid screaming wildly. "One!" Andrea says and draws back her arm for the next lash. And the maid now learns what it means to get her ass thrashed.

We don't know how many lashes the naughty maid will get. All we know is that she deserves each and every one of them. Because next time, when in the corner, the maid will masturbate again. That is certain.