So you want it romantic, you say? I have done my part.
White stockings and garters. Like my high heeled pumps?
But my tits and pussy are bare. Watch me spread my legs.
Watch me rub my pussy. So good! I am already all wet!

That's right. Your good girl has gone bad. Very, very bad.
From now on you can call me naughty Vanessa. Agreed?
You look so shocked, my dear. Don't you like me this way?

Look, my nipples are already stiff. Please touch me now!
And don't be gentle. Naughty Vanessa needs a spanking.
That is what I dream about when I masturbate in secret.
Take off your belt and whip my ass. Teach me a lesson!

You don't believe me? Listen to me! This is what I want:
I love it when you get rough with me.
Pull my hair and slap my ass and fuck me until I scream!

Listen to me talking dirty!

Let me put on a good show while you take off your clothes.
Like a stripper I arch my back and then I slap my bottom.
But it doesn't hurt at all. I really need you to spank my ass.

I get on the bed, on my knees. I arch my bottom up for you.
One arm under my stomach. You see me finger my pussy.
I guess I tempted you enough. I feel you pinning me down.

Your hand pushes down on my back. To keep me in place?
Smaaaacckk! Oh, yes! Yes! Smaaaacckk! Smaaaacckk!
Yes! Smaaaacckk! Yes! A good spanking! Smaaaacckk!

I get what I deserve. And then some!

Now my bottom is burning. Hot like a fire. I bet it is all red.
With tears in my eyes I feel your cock sliding into my pussy.
You make me gasp for air. Fuck me! Make me scream!
You slap my sore ass again. And I scream with an orgasm.