Gauge was glad she was the chosen girl.
She knew she had the fairest ass of them all.
The whole cult was assembled to witness.

She anticipated the pain of the first smack.
But instead her bottom was tenderly caressed.
Then she felt her panties being drawn down.

His hand went up the inside of her thighs.
She yielded and she spread her legs wide.
They saw that her pussy was glistening wet.
They watched the probing fingers disappear.
With Gauge rocking back and forth over his lap.
Gauge publicly fingered!

They chanted for her until she had an orgasm.
Then they used her panties to wipe her clean.
And the wet panties went from hand to hand.

The time had come for Gauge to be punished.
She had to bend over and they began to chant.
Hard, crisp smacks rang out on her bare ass.
Gauge gets spanked!

After two minutes her bottom looked crimson.
They chanted and watched. Eyes wide open.
Gauge struggling. Gauge held down real tight.
Her ass was turning beet red. And her thighs.
And the spanking went on. Tears in her eyes.
But still filled with lust. The spanking continued.