It has been a couple of months since my wife Vanessa turned from being a good girl into a nymphomaniac minx. If you recall, one day when I came home she demanded that I slap her ass and fuck her until she screams. Since then I spanked her at least once a week.

But things have gotten worse. Vanessa has been shopping in sex shops online and purchased, among other things, several vibrators. Now she masturbates daily and she calls me at work so I can listen.
Listen to Vanessa masturbating at home!

I had to talk to someone and asked my best friend Ralph for advice. Ralph told me an unbelievable story. He recently took his girlfriend Nadia to a professional dominatrix and had her whipped in front of him! That way it was much more intense, more like real punishment.

I made an appointment with the dominatrix and asked her to come to my house. At first Vanessa was excited because she expected a threesome. Miss Lydia stripped down to a red thong, but kept on her high heeled pumps. She opened her bag and took out a whip. 

"Turn around, Vanessa! On your knees!" Miss Lydia commanded.

Vanessa obeyed and looked at me over her shoulder. I positioned myself on the opposite side of the bed, so that she was facing me:
"Stay on your knees and lean forward, Vanessa. On your stomach.  Stretch out your arms, I want to hold your hands. Arch up your ass!"

Miss Lydia stood right behind Vanessa, ready to begin. The whip in her hand had three thick leather straps, each one an inch wide. I stroked Vanessa's hair, then nodded to Miss Lydia. The straps of the whip lashed across Vanessa's bottom with a cracking smack!

Holding her hands I watched her mouth open wide, sucking for air and screaming. Lash after lash rang out across her pretty ass and she shook her head wildly. Her hair was flying left and right. Tears were running out of her eyes. Broad welts on her bottom started to criss-cross each other. "Hold on, darling, only three dozen more."

Listen to Vanessa getting her ass whipped!