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Harmony was in a devilish mood. She had been parading her ass in skintight riding pants all day long. More than a couple of guests petted her bottom while talking to her. Harmony encouraged that, she knew it would drive John crazy. Until finally the last guests left.

"I've been bad," she said and took off her pants and blouse. She put her boots back on and grabbed her riding crop. Harmony sure knows how to strike a sexy pose. She pulled her thong down to her thighs and arched the small of her back to display her perfect round bottom. Then she began to rub herself with the riding crop.

John walked up to her and placed a kiss on her shoulder. He ran his hand through her hair and down her back, caressing her ass while she masturbated. John held out his hand: "Use your fingers, Harmony." She handed him the whip and did as he asked her to.

Imagine Harmony with her fingers in her pussy. Rocking back and forth and moaning. And every few seconds an earsplitting smack rang out across her ass. The bad girl got two dozen lashes. Then John fucked her. Standing up. From behind. The way she likes it.
Listen to Harmony getting her ass whipped!