Twilight hour, Melanie's private time in the horse stable. She's all grown up and married now, but bad habits remain. Why is she naked? Because after riding her horse she always needs to masturbate. She's all wet from grinding herself in the saddle.Listen to her moaning while she's riding!

She's quite a sight on her horse if you catch her. Leaning all the way forward, with her tight bottom sticking out in the back. She bounces and grinds herself until her panties are soaked.

The first time she got caught was before she got married. Her aunt was waiting for her at the stable. Two stable boys helped to secure Melanie over a wooden bench. All tied up and with a broad strap pinning her waist to the bench. With her pants and panties drawn down. Her aunt used a flexible dressage whip to make sure Melanie wouldn't ride on her butt for several weeks.Melanie got her ass soundly thrashed!

Since then Melanie got punished more regularly, of course. But it is that first punishment that she most often thinks about when she masturbates in the hey. When her aunt whipped her that day there was nothing sexual about it. It was simply severe discipline administered by an angry aunt. The pain was so intense she'll never forget it. It was very different from going over her husbands lap for a spanking, for example.

After she got thrashed in the stable Melanie looked at her backside in the bedroom mirror. Her bottom cheeks were entirely covered with welts. Red and purple and violet and crimson stripes in a criss-cross pattern. Each one of the onehundred lashes she got was going to be visible for weeks. With tears still rolling she got on her stomach, on her bed, with a cushion under her belly. She fingered herself until she felt no more pain, but it didn't last long. After each orgasm the burning pain of the welts on her ass returned almost immediately. And so she masturbated all night long, until her pussy was tender and sore.

Melanie is thinking back to that night right now. Instead of her fingers she's using the handle of her riding crop. The moment she comes she moans out loud. She doesn't care. Or maybe she wants to get caught?