You returned to her web site day after day. You finally made an appointment. Even though you have never been disciplined by a woman. Now here you are. Mistress Ivana will teach you now.

First she makes you sign a release form. Then she straps you to the leather padded bench. On your knees, naked except for your boxer shorts. A wide belt pins your waist onto the bench. Your arms and legs tied, secured with leather cuffs.

Did you listen to how hard Ivana punishes? You did, and you jerked off. You jerked off every day.This is how you'll get it!

You don't really know what Ivana is doing, but you can tell by the steady movements of her arms and shoulders. She is fingering herself, once in a while you can see the tips of her fingers through her legs. Finally she gets up and walks toward you, stopping right in front of your face. Her pussy is so close that if you stretch your neck you might be able to lick her. She grabs you by your hair.

"You dirty and nasty boy! How many times did you jerk off, looking at my pictures? Answer me!"

She pulls down your boxer shorts and gives you a couple of smacks. But then she grabs your cock and squeezes it. Her expert hand squeezes you for less than a minute and you can't help coming. Your cock pulsates in her hand and she catches most of you cum in her other hand. She smears your cum all over your ass and she spanks you with her hand, like a bad boy gets spanked.

"I'll not defile my precious riding crop on a filthy man like you. You'll get the cane. Now that you've come."

Yes, coming always makes one sober. Suddenly the idea of getting punished is no longer that attractive. You watch her walking on her metal heels and admire her gorgeous ass. She puts the crop on a rack and instead she picks a cane. A slim rattan cane, very flexible and four feet long.

She takes a wide stand behind you and cuts the air with the cane. Practice swings. It's a good thing you can't see her, because you would be very afraid. Mistress Ivana looks very determined. She is muscular and strong. And she won't hold anything back. She'll administer a serious caning, on your bare bottom.

Swiissshhh-Smaaaaccckkkk! The pain runs up your spine in a split second, searing hot pain, so intense you burst into tears immediately. Ivana punishes without words. Her arm swings back and she steps into the next stroke: Swiissshhh-Smaaaaccckkkk! Stroke after stroke explodes on your bottom. For a full ten minutes. She thrashes your ass. Good thing you can't see what your behind looks like. Perfectly parallel, rigid welts, some already purple. Swiissshhh-Smaaaaccckkkk! Swiissshhh-Smaaaaccckkkk! Swiissshhh-Smaaaaccckkkk! Swiissshhh-Smaaaaccckkkk!

She walks up in front of you. Through your tears you see that the tip of the cane is bloody. This time Mistress Ivana allows you to lick her pussy. But only for a minute. Then she grabs your cock again, which once again is hard and erect. You can't help it. She squeezes and promises another beating if you come. And once again your cock is pulsating in her hand, your cum squirting out and all over the bench.

She takes a firm stand behind you again. Swiissshhh-Smaaaaccckkkk! Now you scream with your mouth wide open. Swiissshhh-Smaaaaccckkkk! You can hardly breathe, you are sucking for air, drool is running out of your mouth. Swiissshhh-Smaaaaccckkkk! You scream and gurgle and beg her to stop. Your whole body is twisting and twitching. Swiissshhh-Smaaaaccckkkk! Swiissshhh-Smaaaaccckkkk!

"Be still and take it like a man!" Ivana shouts and wipes the sweat off her face. "And now count the strokes! You'll get fifty extra, start counting now! You won't sit on your ass for a long time!"

It will probably take a month before your bottom heals completely. Just in time for your next appointment.