Taylor didn't take the job because she needs money. She's in her second year in college and her parents pay for everything.

But her sexual desires made her take this part-time job. After watching the movie "Secretary", where the secretary gets repeatedly spanked by her boss, Taylor knew what she needs.

She picked a small company because the boss appeared the most strict. Mr. Kane told her right away that he know the ways of young women and that he wouldn't tolerate her goofing off.

This is her third day on the job. Taylor closed her door to take a break and touch herself. She's aroused, she just showed Mr. Kane some documents she prepared. Leaning on her elbows on his desk she followed his instructions for changes to make.

Now she rubs the spot where he petted her ass. Everything worked out as planned, her miniskirt did the job. Now all she needs to do is provoke him. Goofing off he doesn't tolerate, Taylor remembers. Mr. Kane expects the corrections to be made right away. So she pushes her right hand under her skirt and into her panties. Her black thong is already sticky and wet.

Taylor takes off her blouse and gets on her knees. She makes sure the chair is turned towards the door. If Mr. Kane checks on her she wants him to see her fantastic young ass. Gently caressing her butt cheeks she wonders what a real spanking feels like. Because in real life Taylor has never been spanked. 

The door slams shut and Mr. Kane locks it. "Stay like that," he demands and grabs Taylor by the hair. He opens his zipper, takes out his cock, and pushes into her greased slit. Taylor moans, gasps for air, he sure knows how to fuck from behind.

Taylor shakes with a wet orgasm and her pussy wide open. Mr. Kane pulls out and ejaculates onto her bottom cheeks. He smears his cum all over her ass and spanks her. Then he ties Taylor to the chair with a rope. Legs to the side arms and her arms over the back of the chair, with her young ass in the air.

Luckily another worker recorded the sound through the door.
A belt whipping for Taylor to remember!

And how much does Taylor like the real thing? Her heart pounds like crazy watching Mr. Kane taking off his leather belt. She expects him to take it double, like in her fantasies. But he grabs the belt by the buckle and wraps the belt once around his wrist. More than two feet of thick leather dangle from his wrist. He takes a firm stand slightly behind Taylor. Then he takes a full swing and the belt cuts the air with lightning speed before it lands with a cracking smack on the crowns of her bare ass.

The pain takes her breath away. At the moment she finally breathes in the next lash rings from the walls. And again. The heat of the broad welts begin to burn on her ass and soon bring tears to her eyes. Mr. Kane is experienced and whips Taylor's ass methodically. Ten lashes on her butt, then five across the back of her tender thighs. Taylor screams in pain. Mr. Kane changes sides. Ten lashes on her butt, five across her thighs.

After thirty lashes Taylor's backside is severely striped and dark red. Mr. Kane massages her pussy, and as he expected she gets wet in less than a minute. The pain burning on her whipped bottom is much worse than in Taylor's fantasies, yet she finds herself moaning from the stimulation. Mr. Kane fingers her until her juices drip with another orgasm. He pets her ass and traces the welts with the palm of his hand. Then he takes a firm stand behind her once again.

"You have a cute bottom, Taylor. But I prefer it black and blue." Craacckk-Smaaaccckkk! Smaaaccckkk! Whip-Smaaaccckkk! Smaaaccckkk! Craacckk-Smaaaccckkk! Smaaaccckkk! Whip-Smaaaccckkk! Smaaaccckkk! Craacckk-Smaaaccckkk! Smaaaccckkk! Whip-Smaaaccckkk! Smaaaccckkk!

The door stays shut for an hour. The sound of leather cracking across bare flesh can clearly be heard through the locked door. Taylor must be twisting her butt left and right to escape the next lash. Unfortunately her twisting and arching her body makes her look even more cute. Mr. Kane starts timing his lashes to coincide with Taylor's red-striped ass arching up at full swell. Those lashes ring out unbelievably loud, crisp and cracking smacks, followed by howling and sobbing. Taylor gets more than a hundred such lashes with the leather belt. Mr. Kane then tells her that she can take the rest of the week off. Will Taylor return to her part-time job? Of course she will. There is much more for her to learn. For now she sleeps on her stomach every night. Before falling asleep she fingers herself and dreams about her next punishment. With a riding switch. Birch rods. A school cane. Or a whip. She'll enjoy blistering spankings for the rest of the semester. Fully satisfied.