Dear Katsuni,

what a lovely pose you strike. In corset and choker, otherwise naked. You look slightly annoyed, as if waiting for something.

Elegant? Maybe. Arrogant for sure. Arrogant and demanding, not used to waiting for anything. I like your attitude, Katsuni.

Because there isn't much pleasure in disciplining submissive women. Punishing a proud girl like you is so much more fun.

Now, spread your legs Katsuni. Touch yourself and caress your slit. I know you are a bad girl and masturbate every day, so don't hesitate. Good. How naughty you are, looking into my eyes while you push two fingers inside yourself. Mouth slightly open, moaning quietly. You like displaying yourself like that?

I'm going to suck on your tits, Katsuni. Keep fingering yourself. What? You want it in your ass you say? We'll see about that. First I want you to come. Look, your pussy is glistening wet. Come, Katsuni. Come right now. Good girl. Now turn around.

Satisfied, aren't you? Stop pouting your lips as if you don't like it. I know you. One orgasm is not enough for a minx like you.

First I lace you up properly. That corset should be right under your tits, like this. Suck in your tummy, Katsuni! Real tight I'll tie up that corset. That makes your ass cheeks swell proudly, even more than before. I can't resist and smack your bottom.

I see you like getting spanked. Good. Because I brought this dog whip with me. Not too long, but a slick single tailed lash. Face the wall, with three feet between you and the wall. Now spread your legs, take a wide stand, Katsuni. Lean forward, hands against the wall. And arch up that lovely ass of yours!The dog whip meets Katsuni's bottom!

Even under the lash you tease me with your backside. No, you don't scream. Too proud you are. Each time the whip cracks and smacks across your butt you suck for air. But then you raise your bottom up again, as if you wish for harder lashes!

I whip you until you have enough, Katsuni. I do not care how many lashes it takes. After twenty you start to sweat. You feel the heat, don't you? The marks of the dog whip are multiplying on your ass cheeks. Crimson stripes that surely burn like fire. And your pussy is still glistening you little slut!

The cellar walls echo with the cracks and smacks of the leather lash exercising discipline on your bare ass. After fifty lashes you start to whimper. It takes you longer to raise your bottom for the next one. But I have time. Your entire butt looks like a patchwork of welts and whip marks. Some already turning purple. I know you too well to have mercy. Each time you raise up that blistered bottom I take a full swing. And the dog whip makes the walls ring with another crisp and cracking smack.

"No more, please!" you finally say. And I stop, because it's up to you. You keep leaning against the wall though. Proud how your bottom looks like now, right Katsuni? You understand how hard you need to get thrashed by your lovers. I'll fuck you now, Katsuni, the way you like it, from behind. I hope you'll be satisfied. I'm glad to be of service.