Santiago, Chile. When Mateo Silva bought an old teacher's desk at auction he naturally assumed it to be empty. But he soon discovered a false bottom in one of the drawers. In it he found a picture, some pages with notes, and a cassette tape.

The picture was dated March 5, 1968. Handwritten on the back was the name of the young woman: "Valentina López."

The notes stated that Valentina was a flirty and bad behaving young lady. But her parents were wealthy and could afford a private tutor to help her graduate from high school. Because she had to repeat one grade, Valentina was already 18 years old. The lessons took place at her home, the López mansion.

Did her parents tolerate corporal punishment or did Valentina herself ask for discipline? The notes revealed only that the punishments took place when the mansion was otherwise empty. And: "Valentina likes her bottom to be caressed after a spanking. It arouses her. She prefers getting it with a strap." Young Miss López gets a strapping!

The picture itself was taken on a special occasion that called for a much more severe bare bottom whipping than her usual strappings. The teacher's notes explain:

"V. greeted me at the door in a too short school skirt. She announced that no one else was at home. She giggled and said she didn't do her homework. She wrote an essay on a different topic instead. Walking up the stairs she lifted the back of her skirt and asked whether I liked her panties. The white cotton panties left her bottom mostly bare. V.'s behavior and look caused me to have an erection as usual. I wanted to caress her tempting behind right then and there, but it was my duty to teach her properly. I was not going to caress her until after I administered her regular strapping."

One of the pages of notes were in a different handwriting. It was Valentina's essay titled For Special Girls Only:

"Special girls are raised differently. They must be pampered and showered with gifts. But if there is a need to teach a lesson, it should be done with a rebenque. My father has a rebenque and he knows how to use it. It is basically a gaucho whip. It consists of a wooden handle about half a yard long with a thong made of a 2 inches wide rawhide strap a little longer than the handle. The handle is topped by a knob, and it has a wrist strap. My fathers rebenque is embellished with gold and silver. There are many advantages to using a rebenque, especially for teachers. It is much more severe than a regular strap, yet it won't cut the skin. The teacher can whip the special girl as long as he wishes and as severe as he wants, with no harm. And the special girl will enjoy multiple orgasms after her discipline, fingering herself in the privacy of her room, with the pain of her burning bottom turning her on, fantasizing about her favorite teacher as he..."

Valentina's essay went into much more obscene details after that. Mateo Silva had to gasp out loud on several occasions while reading the young woman's elaborate and shameless sex fantasies. Mateo realized that the purpose of her essay was to provoke her teacher as much as she possibly could. Valentina was hoping to get whipped with a rebenque, and the one in the picture was probably her father's rebenque. She must have given it to the teacher. The teacher's notes documented the whipping that followed:

"V. went too far in her essay. I told her to raise her skirt and I grabbed the gaucho whip. I told V. that she would not forget this session. I turned on my tape recorder to record this special discipline session and decided to give her 200 of my best lashes with the whip. Her schoolgirl bottom was going to suffer for days afterwards. I didn't want her to be able to sit on it for at least a week."

The old tape still played the sounds of Valentina López getting her bottom whipped.

Mateo Silva looked more careful at Valentina López's picture while listening to the tape. The black and white photo was slightly grainy and showed the young woman standing with her legs spread wide and holding onto the back of a chair. She had her skirt flipped up over her back. It looked like Valentina knew exactly how to pose for such punishment. With the knee-high white socks the thong panties looked extremely provocative on Miss López. Her waist was still very slender, but her bottom had the fullness of a grown 18 year old. Her backside was extremely attractive and she must have seduced many men with her looks over the years.

The tape had been playing for five minutes and Mateo wondered how the young lady kept her position after so many lashes. Her butt must have been on fire a long time ago, yet the tape played on and on. Mateo wondered whether she twisted her bottom from side to side. Maybe in a steady rhythm to meet the lashes her teacher had ordered. Did this amount to an affair between the teacher and Miss López? After all, she got exactly what she asked for - and she preferred the strap, the teacher had noted.

The tape kept playing. The lashes sounded as hard and severe as at the beginning. Valentina López kept screaming. Mateo could only imagine the whip marks and the colors that must have covered her little ass. At the beginning the broad welts must have been clearly visible, but after a hundred lashes or more her sweet bottom must have been practically glowing, in dark-red and beet-red colors. Looking at the picture it occurred to him that she probably got the backs of her thighs whipped as well. Those tender thighs deserved kisses, not lashes - at least in Mateo Silva's opinion.

After fifteen minutes the whipping stopped. Mateo was just about to stop the tape when he heard the voice of the teacher: "Pull your panties down, Valentina. Keep your legs spread."

A few seconds later Valentina López grunted and started to moan. Those were definitely moans of lust. Mateo could hear Valentina's words: "Yes...  Deeper...  Fuck me... Fuck me... Yes..."

Mateo smoked a cigarette and thought about the tape and the picture and the notes. The teacher was dead. But Valentina López was most likely still alive. He would let her keep her secret.