Britney and Scarlett are in their first year at the university. This is how they dress up for Friday night parties. Britney, the blonde on the left, likes showing off almost half of her bottom in scandalous shorts. Scarlett prefers her shorts skin tight to display her curves.

But Britney's outfit was too revealing to get into Club Ecstasy that Friday night. The bouncer wouldn't let her pass and the girls were just about to leave. Luckily a young man named Frank intervened.

Well, maybe not that young. Frank was in his late thirties and had the means to slip a $50 note to the bouncer to get them through  the door. He introduced them to his buddy Roland and they had a couple of drinks before they hit the dance floor. When Frank and Roland took a break they watched Britney and Scarlett gyrating their hips and shaking their young butts to the beat of the music.

Two drinks later the girls agreed to go to Frank's house to party. Sitting in the back of the Lincoln Continental they got turned on by the feeling of the leather seats against their bare thighs. The girls looked at each other and giggled. They had no intention of having sex with those guys. But they could watch and touch them while the girls had a good time. That's how Britney and Scarlett liked it.

They had gin tonics and Frank put a trance music CD into the player. Frank and Roland watched the show that the girls put on. It was a dirty dancing extravaganza, with Britney and Scarlett grabbing themselves and grabbing each other. When Frank asked Scarlett to go to the bedroom, Scarlett refused.

"We only do teasing," she giggled, turned around, and caressed Britney's bottom while looking back at Frank over her shoulder. Then she slapped Britney's ass and caressed her again, with Britney moaning and asking for more. Frank and Roland looked at each other when the girls weren't watching and they agreed what to do. Frank stopped the music and then grabbed Scarlett, while Roland was holding Britney with her arms behind her back.

"You two are just teases. We'll teach you a lesson and then drive you home. Understand?"

They took them into a wood shed behind the house  that had a workbench on one side and a sawhorse on the other. Frank tied Scarlett over the sawhorse until she was secured, bending over with her legs spread and her bottom up. Roland tied Britney to the workbench in a similar manner, with her stomach flush on the bench, her legs spread and her ass arched up. Then Frank went back inside and got two thick leather belts, one of which he handed to Roland. 

Britney and Scarlett get their butts soundly whipped with heavy leather belts.

Roland was even more strict than Frank. Of course he had more exposed bottom to work with and lashed those soft curves with enthusiasm. Her little ass twitched with each lash that punished her butt, but she was secured so well on the workbench that she could only twist her bottom a little to the left and right. Once in a while he whipped the soft backs of her upper thighs and got some desperate screams out of Britney. Then he continued lashing her ass, about ten lashes per minute in a steady rhythm. On the lower half of Britney's bottom he could see the welts and whip marks clearly, but that did not deter him from thrashing the upper half of her bottom also. The smacks didn't crack quiet as frightening on her pants, so Roland took full swings and whipped twice as many lashes twice as hard on her tight jeans as she had gotten on her bare ass so far.

Frank was more deliberate with Scarlett and took his time watching Scarlett sucking for air every time he whipped her naked thighs. Once in a while Frank caressed her over the drum tight jeans and told Scarlett that her bottom was extremely well shaped and sweet. Then he took the belt double and whipped her jeans butt left and right, much harder than she had ever gotten beaten before. He lashed her thighs again. Frank put the palm of his hand on her bottom to feel how hot her butt was glowing. Then he wrapped the buckled end of the belt around his wrist so that the belt became longer compared to doubled up. He took a step back and measured his distance. Frank took full swings and whipped Scarlett's upturned jeans ass again and again without pause. Scarlett screamed and struggled against her bonds. With every lash that exploded on her bottom she moved the saw horse a little bit forward. Until she was all the way against the wall. The screaming and howling and the cracking smacks of leather whipping their upturned bottoms continued for almost twenty minutes.

Roland stayed behind while Frank drove them back to their dorm room. The girls sat in the back, cooling their burning bottoms on the leather seat of the Lincoln. As they got out Frank handed them a card with his phone number.

"Feel free to call whenever you feel the need for a woodshed lesson, young ladies," he said and drove off.

Back in their room the girls turned their backsides toward a mirror and pulled down their sexy hotpants. Their butts were flaming red and marked with broad welts from the leather belts. They caressed each others butts and kissed. Britney got on her knees and started licking Scarlett's pussy.

"Oh, that felt good! Get on the bed Britney, on your hands and knees," Scarlett said and took a strap-on dildo out of her nightstand.

Scarlett put on the strap-on, grabbed Britney by the hips and fucked her from behind. Britney came almost immediately.

"You liked that woodshed lesson, didn't you, you little slut," Scarlett whispered into Britney's ear.

"Reminds me of home, Scarlett. My uncle has a woodshed and I got strapped there numerous times. Afterwards I always went to my room and masturbated. Sometimes I behaved badly just to provoke getting a lesson with the strap. The strap most of the time, but I also got it with a cane made of rattan. But I only asked my uncle once whether I should pull my pants down. On that day I got a hundred lashes with a riding switch made out of leather - and yes, I got those on my bare bottom. I wasn't able to sit on my ass for a week."

"What a bad girl you are. We didn't have a woodshed. But I often got it with my father's belt. When my mom did it I got it on my bare ass. I also masturbated afterwards and fingered myself. We should do this again."

"Well, we have his card and number..."